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Vintage ankle socks UNUSED girls boys 1950s baby toddler size VIYELLA plain knit

Vintage ankle socks UNUSED girls boys 1950s baby toddler size VIYELLA plain knit

One pair of vintage 1950s plain ankle socks.

The colour is a creamy "off-white".
Plain knit, suitable for either sex.
Wool/cotton mixture, with nylon reinforced heel and toe.
Viyella brand.
The socks are marked with Viyella's 1950s slogan:
If it shrinks, We replace.
And with their older trademark:
"Day and Night Wear"

Made in England in the 1950s or thereabouts.
They were unsold shop stock from the 1950s, and have been in storage at the shop ever since.
These socks are marked with SOCK sizes - this is based on foot length (in inches), and is NOT the same as shoe sizes.
Children's feet do vary quite a lot, so you'll need to check the child's SHOE size, and then use this guide to help you choose the right size.
    • Sock size 7"......................UK shoe size 10 - 11 (children's size, age 5 years approx)
    • Sock size 6 1/2"...............UK shoe size 8 - 9 (children's size, age 4 years approx)
    • Sock size 6"......................UK shoe size 6 - 7 (children's size, age 3 years approx)
    • Sock size 5 1/2"...............UK shoe size 4 - 5 (children's size, age 2 years approx)
    • Sock size 5........................UK shoe size 2 - 3 (toddler size, age 18 months approx)
Please remember that these are very old socks, and they are not as stretchy as modern ones.
These socks are vintage stock, made in the 1950s.
They are unused, and most of them still have the original "polar bear" tags attached from the 1950s.
The socks are obviously very old, and have been in storage for over half a century.
They will need to be hand-washed before use.
When you take the sticky tags off, it will probably leave a mark.

Sock Size (inches)

Our Price: £5.00

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